Enter student work in the Artistic Expressions 2017 Virtual Student Art Exhibit!

Submit Student Work by Friday April 7, 2016.  

The image size should ideally be 1920x1080 px.  72 resolution.
Submissions will be accepted even if you cannot format to these dimensions.
We'll take care of the rest!

To Enter: Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Teacher: Prepare the Work
Use LivePhotoEditor.com to ensure the correct text format your entries.
Works submitted without this label will not be exhibited online.

Go to LivePhotoEditor.com
Click "Photo From My Computer"
Choose your image and open it.
 Click on the "T" (Insert Text) on the left side toolbar
Erase "My Photo Label"
Format for Label

Student  First Name, Last Name
Grade #
High School Name

Click "Apply"
Right justify the text by clicking and dragging the text box
Font color > White
Bold the text
Click "Export" in the top right toolbar
Click "Download Now" on the next screen

Locate this new file in your downloads.
(Note: Files must not exceed 10 MB - Compress your file if needed using a photo editing program.)

Very Important!
Rename the file with the student's last name underscore first initial  ex.  "smith_j.jpg"

2. Teacher: Submit your Work

Go Here to submit the work!
(this link uses a safe google script to place it in our google drive)
Works submitted without the label as described above will not be exhibited.

Contact Robb Bomboy at:  robb.bomboy@gmail.com

3. Parent and  Student Permission:

Make sure the Student visits this online form. It secures permission. Works submitted without this permission will not be exhibited. Here is a note to send home as a reminder or attach to an email.  It directs parents to visit the permission form below.

Download the Permission note for parents.

Here is a list of works we have permission to exhibit online 

Click the tab on the bottom labeled "2017 Permission Received." 

Here is a folder of works without permission to exhibit online

We do the social media thing!

A smART EXperience for student artists of the

Central Pennsylvania Region.